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Create a clean, healthy work environment tailored for your needs.

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In this day and age the CLEANER the space, the SAFER the space for everyone. Clutch employees are heroes!


Experienced Providers

Our team are all trained on efficient methods of cleaning from individuals with 20+ years experience in the industry. 

Customized Schedules

With our "clean on schedules" we can customize a clean to fit your needs and your budget!

Advanced Products

At Clutch we use commercial grade equipment design to meet the needs of excintrict  employers.

Extra Care Hygiene

You will be pleased to know we use the best disinfected available. Also we strive to not spread germs as we are cleaning. Our employees wear gloves, mask, and avoid cross contamination at all times.


We are very Grateful to have found "Clutch" . The Customer Service and cleaning abilities have boosted the morale of our employees.

S. Albert Glass

Outstanding customer service! They are very flexible and they go above and beyond.

Next Level Fitness Gym

Thanks to "Clutch" our locations has been completely transformed. From covered in mud, to doors, refrigerators, and floors you can actually see.

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